Welcome to Lesson Plans For Life!

Here I will share my thoughts, one topic at a time, about what I feel it means to be a good person, have good character, have healthy relationships, and more.  Some topics will just be thoughts I have pondered from time to time.  I have had plenty of reasons and time to think about these things and have discussed many of the topics with several other people over the years.  I thought perhaps it was time to share my thoughts with anyone else who is willing to listen.

As you will find out through reading the topics, my life is far from perfect.  I am by no means perfect myself or an expert on anything, but I certainly have enough experience dealing with people who could benefit from these Lesson Plans. Unfortunately, they are often falling on deaf ears.  I also know plenty of people who do exemplify what I believe it means to have good character and wish there were more people in the world like them.  I guess you could consider this my attempt to help make that happen.

I was a teacher prior to being a stay-at-home mom, and I will always be a teacher at heart, so it seemed appropriate to refer to my thoughts as Lesson Plans for Life. Don’t worry, there will be no tests, quizzes, or homework!

I hope you enjoy what I have to offer and that I’ve got you thinking.  Feel free to share your thoughts at any time by clicking on “Leave a Comment” just below the title of the appropriate topic.  Only the name you provide will appear with the comment, once it has been approved.

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