The Dance of Non-Verbal Communication

I have been taking a couple’s dance class recently, which has been making me think about the importance of non-verbal communication.  It is absolutely imperative in social dancing.  The man has to clearly communicate what he wants the woman to do, and she needs to be able to interpret things correctly in order to follow his non-verbal directions.  That is such a perfect metaphor for any kind of relationship because both communicating and interpreting are very important.

Some people give off very few non-verbal cues as to what they are thinking or feeling. That makes them hard to read and can lead to confusion, playing guessing games, or even tip-toeing around issues because the other person may not know how that person will react.  That’s been my experience, anyway.  On the other hand, I have experience with people who give off almost too much non-verbal communication.   Continue reading

Being In Limbo and Needing Resolution


Being in limbo is one of my least favorite places to be, yet I’ve been finding myself there all the time lately.  There are so many aspects of my life that are up in the air right now that it’s hard to think much beyond a few days at a time.  I’ve always done better with stability and predictability in most aspects of my life, so the unknown is difficult to swallow sometimes.  I don’t like loose ends or not being able to anticipate the next step.  Once I have a plan or know what to expect down the road though, then I’m good.

The problem is there are so many unknowns that the comforting feeling doesn’t usually last very long. Then I’m onto the next unknown.  I know life is full of ups and downs and is ever revolving, but there are some pretty significant things right now that I am unsure of how they will work out.  It just gives me that out of control feeling like I am just along for the ride and am powerless to steer myself in any particular direction while I ride out the storm.

Consequently, I tend to latch onto things that are predictable to balance everything out.   Continue reading