I am always impressed with people who have dreams or goals and manage to make everything happen the way they envision things, or just have a “to do” list and get things done.  They have ambition, self-initiative, and usually good time management skills.  I can never seem to be as productive as I would like to be, so I guess I’m partly just envious.  I know people who get more done by 9 am than I do all day long sometimes, but then again, I’m not a morning person.  They wake up on full throttle.  I have no clue what that feels like, and sometimes I spend more time thinking about what needs to get done rather than actually doing things.  I get great satisfaction out of checking things of my “to do” list and want to get things done, but I can’t always make things happen in the timeframe I would like to and should be able to, but it’s sometimes due to things out of my control.  Other times it is not. I can be very focused and productive though with the right motivation.

What really impresses me is when other people are willing to tackle projects or do anything that is out of their comfort zone, which seems to be a key factor sometimes.  They’re not afraid to try something they’ve never done before or figure things out as they go.  They just take the bull by the horns, so to speak, and run with it.  Continue reading

Taking Risks

taking risks

This is so true, but it’s something we sometimes need to remind ourselves and each other.  Nothing in life is ever perfect, so if we are always waiting for the exact right time to do or say something, it may never come.  And if we are always waiting until we are certain of a particular outcome or how someone else is thinking or feeling, we may lose out as well.  There are countless other things like job opportunities and fun adventures that could pass us right by while we are waiting until a better time.  Life is a whole lot shorter than we think it is though, so the time is now.

I am speaking to myself as much as anyone reading this.  It is difficult sometimes to think beyond what we need to accomplish in a day, get out of our comfort zone, and have the confidence to try something new or maybe something we haven’t done in a long time or take a chance on something or someone. But if we don’t, we may regret not doing so down the road.  Sometimes it’s fear of change, fear of failure, or fear of the unknown that gets in our way.  Other times it may be lack of confidence or experience or any number of other things.  Whatever it is, we need to find the inspiration or motivation to get past those negative thoughts and push ourselves in the direction we would like to see ourselves.  We can’t just let life happen.  We need to make it happen.

It could be just a matter of a change in perspective that will help.  Instead of focusing on what we can’t or won’t be able to do, reminding ourselves of what we are capable of doing and surrounding ourselves with people who will back us up on those thoughts can be helpful.  Sometimes we just need to dig deep and muster up the courage to either take a few baby steps or a giant leap forward and not look back.

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Feeling Content 

Feeling content has a lot to do with feeling happy about your circumstances and being grateful for who and what you have in your life.  That can be very challenging when your basic needs are not being met.  I’m not talking about food, shelter, and clothing basic needs, although I’m sure it’s difficult to feel content when those needs are not being met either.  I am talking about being respected and listened to and things of that nature.  It’s hard to look on the bright side and see the positives life has to offer when the people who are most important in your life don’t value and appreciate you or treat you with respect.  It also becomes difficult to live in the moment and enjoy the little things when there is so much negativity on a regular basis.  Unfortunately, I am speaking from plenty of experience.

I just read a quote that said, “When you learn to accept instead of expect, you’ll have fewer disappointments.”  This may be true to a certain extent, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect to be treated with respect and kindness, to feel valued as a whole person, and to have others be honest with me.   Continue reading

Having A Sense of Adventure

I think it’s important to have a sense of adventure as we navigate through life.  I’m not necessarily talking about a desire to go sky diving or climb mountains, but at least being willing to try new things once in a while or do something differently than you have always done it.  And if you do like to climb mountains or have gone sky diving, hang gliding, or anything else along those lines, I applaud you.  That’s more than I would dare to do.

We all get stuck in a rut with routines and our day to day tasks, so it’s nice to mix things up every once in a while.  Maybe try a restaurant you’ve never been to, seeing a performance you might not normally go to, or take a different route home from work, just because.  I have a hard time myself getting out of my comfort zone, but all it takes is a friend inviting me to go somewhere I have never been to or do something I have never done, and I am usually game.  It’s definitely more fun to try new things with other people.

I am better at trying to encourage my kids to try new things or a different way of doing things than I am myself, but you don’t have to twist my arm.  My kids are a different story though.  As they have gotten older, they have definitely lost their sense of adventure.  I miss being able to suggest that we all go somewhere like the zoo, an animal farm, a new playground, an amusement park, a performance of some sort, or anywhere we hadn’t been to yet, and they would be agreeable and excited.  Now, forget it.  It’s like pulling teeth to get them out of the house to do much of anything, even if it is something simple like visiting a nearby farm for some freshly pressed apple cider and to buy or pick some apples, which might take an hour.

I know that’s partly because they are teenagers or almost teenagers and are more interested in their friends than family, but I also know I am competing with video games and social media.  They would rather sit at home all day in front of a computer or with their iPods in hand.  Even when we do go somewhere, they bring their electronics in the car and have their earbuds in or have their nose in a book (which I know I shouldn’t complain about).  I guess I should be happy they are not arguing and that it is a quiet car ride, but I think that’s what bothers me most is that they don’t seem to appreciate the time together with other people.  I know we are together a good part of the time, but I wish they would value spending some quality time together every once in a while and be up for doing fun things as a family, or minimally be willing to take a break from their electronics and social media to do something outside of the house without me almost insisting.

For those of you with younger kids who still enjoy piling in the car for a new adventure, appreciate that while you can. And for anyone else, don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone or routines and dare to do something different every so often.  I am trying to do that in spite of the fact that I don’t have kids who are willing to join me in that effort.  Thank goodness for my friends and other family members who are willing to accompany me or invite me!

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