Taking Time To Heal

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Healing is a process that is very unique to every individual, whether it’s physical or emotional healing, or both.  But in any situation, the common denominator is that it will likely take time and patience, some support from others, a little determination, and probably some set-backs along the way.

There’s no right or wrong way for someone to recover from the loss of a loved one, a broken relationship, or any other type of emotional hardship.  Some people find it healing to talk about the situation and what they are feeling and experiencing, while others find it best to keep their thoughts to themselves or maybe write them down in a journal.  Not everyone finds a constructive way to deal with negative emotions and may choose a path that is not a good choice physically. I’m thinking about those who drown their sorrows in alcohol or food, for example.  Many people turn to their faith for healing and acceptance of the situation, or to make sense of it.  That seems to be key for many, to figure out the “why” and be able to move on.

Physical healing can be just as emotional, depending on the situation and what is involved in recovery.  A diagnosis or unexpected injury can be very stressful and emotionally draining.  So can a recovery that doesn’t go as well as expected, which makes it difficult to mentally stay in the game.  That, in turn, can affect the recovery process.  So the two go hand in hand for both kinds of healing.  If we don’t take care of ourselves physically, healing from an emotional situation will be more difficult, and vice versa.  Spiritual healing can be an important piece of the puzzle to keep everything in perspective and balance.

Even the day-to-day struggles and stressful situations we all deal with (our spouse or significant other, kids, job, responsibilities, finances, etc.) can require some form of healing or at least keeping ourselves grounded and on track.  We need to take care of ourselves so that we can take care of those around us.  And that means both our physical and emotional well-being.  We can’t let one go for the sake of the other. Keeping ourselves physically healthy is definitely important, but we also need to make time for all the things that keep us feeling “emotionally full”, such as laughing with friends, being creative, meditating, spiritual connections, or any number of other things.  It’s all about balance and figuring out what works best for you.

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2 thoughts on “Taking Time To Heal

  1. This reminder came at the perfect time as my whole world has been turned upside down recently and I’m going through a phase of growth and healing. Thank you for sharing.


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