Life Is Like A Video Game


I just read an article that quoted James Galway, a well-known flutist, as saying, “The flute was like a computer game to me – always going to the next stage.”  The first thing that came to mind is how life is like that as well – or at least it should be.  It’s so easy to become stagnant and just keep doing things the same way we always have been, but we really should continuously be pushing ourselves to keep improving and taking things to the next level.

This could mean working hard at perfecting a skill or talent, improving at something like time management or being more organized, or anything that falls under the category of being a better person.  We can all improve at something, probably many things for most people, but everything will not happen overnight.  We may have to keep working at something over and over before we can say we’ve mastered or completed it, and it might even get very frustrating feeling like we’ve been defeated along the way.  But as long as we don’t give up and keep at it, hopefully we reach the end result we were looking for.  And then we can challenge ourselves to do even better, as if advancing to the next level.

One of the things that is addicting about video games is the sense of accomplishment from finally finishing a level.  I just wish that sense of completion would carry over into other aspects of my kids’ lives.  I’m not big into video games, but I think I get that same rush when I can check something off my “to do” list, especially if it is a more time consuming task or one that required a lot of effort.  I don’t get rewarded with money, points, health, power, or bonus lives like I would if I were playing a video game, but I still feel good.

No one enjoys being stuck at a particular level of a game where you just can’t seem to get past a certain point, no matter how hard you try and how many attempts you make.  I don’t particularly like feeling like I am stuck in a situation in real life either, but it happens.  It may take a while, but occasionally when it finally occurs to me to try things differently, something finally gives and then progress can be made.  Sometimes I do feel like I’m going round and round and back and forth as if I am in a Pac Man maze, but at some point I find the power pellets and things start looking up, for a while anyway.

I can’t always control or predict my surroundings, just as in a video game, but that’s what makes life so interesting.  It doesn’t come with hints or cheats to help us out (although that IS kind of the purpose of this blog).  We have to figure it out ourselves, even if it means repeating the same mistakes over and over again or being stuck in the same place for a while.

In one very significant way, I’ve been ready to move to the next level for a while now, but factors beyond my control are holding me back.  I’m slowly but surely getting there though.  A little extra health, power, and money would really help right about now!

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