Patterns, Cycles, and Connections          

My math brain loves looking for patterns and significances in numbers … on license plates, in dates, and anywhere else you would find several numbers together.  I love geometric patterns and finding patterns in nature as well.  Cycles of things fascinate me too, whether it’s life cycles, cycles of the season, or cycles of any other kind.  They are, after all, just more patterns.  Finding and making connections between things is something I am always thinking about, too.  It could be how different subject matter relates to others, like math and science, math and art, math and music, math and history, art and music, etc.  I look for other connections as well, like art and nature, math and nature, and nature and human behavior.  I guess I’m more of a “big picture” thinker than some people.

I also pay attention to patterns in human behavior.  There are the patterns of how people behave in certain circumstances and the patterns people demonstrate in their day-to-day behavior.  Some people like or need routines, while others don’t like following them or having anyone else dictate to them how they should spend their time.  Some people don’t adapt well to change because they like things to be more routine, while others seem to need constant change.  There are our patterns in how we react to things, how we treat people, our daily routines and eating habits, how we manage our time, and so many more.  Part of the reason I chose to do this blog in the first place was to share my thoughts on all these patterns and connections that I have been storing in my brain for way too long.

My family is probably tired of me pointing out some of their patterns of behavior.  The same negative behaviors continue to result in the same negative reactions from me or someone else.  I know it’s hard to change a behavior that you have been doing for a long time, but I am trying to encourage some conscious thought about the behaviors so that they can possibly change for the better for everyone’s sake.  It is always easier to focus on the negative behaviors, but I try to praise the positive patterns, too.

Some cycles and patterns are beyond our control, while others are completely up to us to determine.  Whether we can change them or not, I think it’s good to at least examine the patterns, cycles, and connections so we can appreciate the good ones. And if we can change some of the bad ones, even better.

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