I’m not one to believe that everything has already been pre-determined by fate.  Nor am I inclined to believe that I am entirely in control of my destiny.  I am somewhere in the middle and feel like there are outside forces coming into play, whatever they may be, but that I also can shape my own destiny by the choices I make.  One thing I can’t help but notice though is the number of odd coincidences that occur every so often in my life.  It is these coincidences that I believe sometimes happen for a reason.

Some days I will have several different things happen that all make me think of one particular person.  For example, several songs I hear in a short period of time will be ones that remind me of that person, then I’ll have a picture or two of that person randomly pop up on my screen saver close together, and then maybe something else too, like getting something in the mail from the college we both attended or I run across something I got from them as a gift.  When things like that happen all in the same day, I take that as a sign I should check in with that person.

Sometimes these coincidences have been related to a significant event in the life of a good friend.  One time I was compelled to call a friend after several things had me thinking about her quite a bit the previous weekend.  It turns out she got in a really bad car accident that particular weekend.  I had a really bad gut feeling about another good friend after she called to say she was in labor, even though everything sounded fine at the time.  My stomach was in knots until she called again a day and a half later. She went into sudden respiratory arrest and almost died giving birth.  It’s not always about bad things though.  Another time I was feeling really compelled to check in with another friend with whom I hadn’t had contact in quite a while, thinking something might be up, and it turned out he got engaged that day.

With other people my coincidences aren’t related to significant events but might be more like we have an unusually odd number of things in common or will have similar thoughts at the same time, almost like one of us is sending the other telepathic messages.  Perhaps I have a little bit of a psychic connection with certain people, or perhaps my ancestors, guardian angels, spirit guides, or whoever else may be out there are trying to get my attention and send me messages about who they feel should be the important people in my life.  Or maybe I sometimes have really good intuition. Who knows.  What I do know is that I have learned not to ignore these coincidences.

in your head

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