I know there are guys out there who believe in the “Happy Wife = Happy Life” philosophy.  I’m sure there are just as many if not more women who would absolutely love to have a spouse or significant other who thinks this way.  I’m not going to lie, having a spouse who thought along these lines does sound like it would make for a nice life.  However, I think I would feel guilty always getting my way, unless we were so compatible that most everything I wanted was also what he wanted.

A man who thinks along those lines obviously understands the importance of putting someone else’s needs, wants, and happiness above his own.  That is a wonderful quality for anyone to have.  That means he is a team player.  I don’t think someone like that should sacrifice everything for me though.  I would want to show him how important his wants and needs are to me by letting him have his way sometimes and by doing special, meaningful things for him.  And those things always mean more when the person doing the giving has to sacrifice something in the process of making that happen.  For example, if someone agreed to go to a concert for a performer they were not especially fond of because they knew it would mean a lot to the other person, that involves a sacrifice.  Or perhaps one person misses out on doing something they would like to do in order to do something else with their significant other.

I believe compromise is the way to go, not one person always getting their way. Ultimately, if two people are very compatible, are both team players, and both understand the importance of sometimes putting their partner’s happiness above their own, then compromise shouldn’t be necessary all too often.  And it should be reciprocated as well.

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3 thoughts on “Compromise

    • That could be. It is nice to know that someone is willing to listen to and even appreciate our opinions at least some of the time. It makes us feel valued. I hope that’s the case with you anyway because sometimes you could be right. And I hope you are able to discuss things that you disagree on without always getting into an argument. I’m guessing you might appreciate other posts of mine that are coming to mind as I write this.

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