Are You Paying Attention?

I am a very detail-oriented person, so I pay attention to details.  Sometimes I am overwhelmed with all the details floating around in my head.  I realize not everyone pays as close attention to details as I do, so I definitely appreciate when other people do.  The kind of attention that I am most appreciative of though is when people notice things like my hair looks a little different, if something I am wearing is new, if I changed my nail polish color, or if my mood is a little off for some reason.  I also very much appreciate when someone takes the time to pick out a thoughtful gift that I end up really liking without asking me for suggestions.  These things tell me they are paying close attention to me and to the things that are important to me, which also tells me that I am important to them and my happiness is important to them.  I also am very appreciative when I am talking to someone and feel like I have 100% of that person’s attention.  That indicates they value my opinion or whatever it is that I have to say.  I know how good these things feel, so I am pretty conscious about doing them for other people.  I’m sure I could always improve some.  I just wish more people would see the value in these things too.



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3 thoughts on “Are You Paying Attention?

  1. I agree completely with what you said about paying attention. My best friend does all of the things you mentioned. When I call her to vent or just chat, she makes me feel like the whole world has stopped and I’m the only one in it. I guess that’s why she’s still my friend after 30 years! Your post is a great reminder to me to pay attention to her as much as she does to me. I only wish my husband could pay attention. I just don’t think men are hardwired that way. That’s why girlfriends are so important!

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