Givers and Takers

Not everyone fits into one of these categories, but there are people who clearly do.  It’s easy to spot a taker who usually puts themselves first, likes to be the center of attention, likes to be in control, will do or say anything to get their way, will pout in some way when they don’t get their way, doesn’t treat others with respect, isn’t conscious of others around them, expects others to accommodate them but doesn’t like to accommodate others, and so on.  Eventually, people see their true colors, grow tired of their selfishness and self-centered behavior, and don’t enjoy being around them a whole lot.

Then there are the givers who are always a pleasure to be around because they are so generous and are not focused on themselves much of the time.  These are the people who are always going out of their way to help others, to listen to others, to put others’ needs before their own, and to show respect and appreciation.  They don’t expect anything in return for all that they do, but people naturally give back to them in return and gravitate towards them because they exude so much positive energy.

I would say there is a good percentage of people who fit in the middle between these two extremes, which is certainly not a bad place to be. These people do plenty of giving but know when to step back and say no to people sometimes. They take care of others but understand the importance of taking care of their own needs too or are not opposed to the idea of letting someone else take care of them for a change.  It’s all about balance.  Maybe they are not able to be positive all the time, but they certainly make an effort to be whenever possible.

It truly is a whole lot easier to give to people who know how to give back at least some of the time. Takers might get what they want but at the expense of alienating themselves and causing a lot of drama and/or tension in the process.  Unfortunately, sometimes it seems like the world is evolving so that there are more takers than givers, and I wish I could say the opposite were true.  No one can be a giver 100% of the time, but we should all try to be one at least some of the time, if not a good part of the time.


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