Life Is Like A Jigsaw Puzzle…

…well, sort of, anyway.  It’s like having all the pieces to the puzzle but without the picture on the box.  We don’t all know what the final picture will look like until the very end when the last piece is connected, and we have the ability to change the picture as we go along.  Some people might have a clearer idea in their minds than others of what they want their picture to look like, so the pieces may fall into place a little more easily for them.  Or it may cause them a lot of disappointment and frustration if their picture is not turning out exactly as they expected.

There are people who are detail-oriented and can focus really well on the individual pieces but may have trouble seeing the big picture.  Others may have the big picture in mind but can’t seem to figure out what pieces are necessary to create that picture. Both perspectives are necessary in order to do a jigsaw puzzle, and I think being both a detail-oriented person and being able to see the “big picture” are beneficial in life as well.

I think it’s interesting watching different people actually do jigsaw puzzles because you can usually tell which approach people take in life by doing so.  Most people start with the edge pieces so they have a good framework and fill in from there.  Some people refer to the picture on the box quite a bit to either see where the pieces fit in or to figure out what piece they need to find, while others rarely look at the box and can really focus on the shapes and colors of the pieces to figure out where they go. Certain people will work on one section at a time, while others will jump around from section to section, depending on what piece catches their eye.  Some of us do a little of everything, and our approach changes as we get closer to completing the puzzle.

Just as we all have our different ways that we prefer to do a puzzle, we all approach life a little differently as well.  We may realize that we need to change our approach to everyday life along the way and not keep doing things the way we have always done them.  We may need to be more of a “big picture thinker” or focus more on details, or just change the area in which we need to focus our attention.  So even though we don’t have a picture on the box as our guide or answer key, life really is like a jigsaw puzzle.  There is no right or wrong way for either one as long as we continue to make progress on the big picture and have fun in the process.

puzzle 1

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