Kindred Spirits

I have a few friends who seemed to come into my life exactly at the right time.  And with each of these people, I felt like I had an instant connection with them as if I had already known them for quite some time.  It has usually felt like there was a connection on a higher level of consciousness, like we are twin souls that have been reunited and allowed to be free.  I have also had some people tell me that they have experienced this with me … that I came into their life just at the right time.  In all cases, there was a sense of renewed positive energy and optimism about what lies ahead as well as a relatively strong desire to get to know the person better because we seemed to be so similar.

Along with that, there were thoughts along the lines of “I only wish we had met sooner.” The thing is, if we had met sooner, then perhaps we wouldn’t appreciate each other and the timing of us meeting nearly as much because we wouldn’t have had all the experiences beforehand that made us appreciate each other so much.  It is usually having similar experiences and stories to share that have already happened that creates the instant bond.  It’s that feeling of knowing that someone else completely understands everything that you are describing that is so special.  If one or both of us did not have those experiences to draw on, then the ability to relate so well to the other person’s circumstances might not be there.

Meeting someone who shares your same values and is on the same page about what it means to have good character and what is important in life can give you that same rush and feeling of familiarity too.  I know I’ve experienced that more than once. That “wow, someone totally gets me” feeling is hard to come by for some of us.  So when it happens, it just feels so good and it is hard to ignore.  It just makes me want to spend as much time as I can with that person, especially when I get so much positive energy whenever I have contact with them.

The bottom line is that we need to appreciate these people as much as we can and let them know how much they mean to us.  It’s also possible to determine even more connections that at the time we didn’t think happened for a reason, but if we think about it, maybe we can see it in retrospect.  These connections are just more things for which we can and should be grateful.

friendship - aristotle

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