Happiness vs. Joy   

At one point, the question was posed to me if I thought happiness and joy were one in the same or somehow different.  The person who asked the question had been pondering it and concluded that joy comes from within but that happiness comes from external factors.  I don’t know if I necessarily agree with that statement, but I didn’t totally disagree either.  I posed the question to my Facebook friends, and one response I got was that happiness is fleeting but that joy is what you feel in your heart no matter what your circumstances.  That might be more along the lines of what the first person was trying to say.  Or perhaps joy is a feeling that you can create for yourself by how you think, act, and approach life, whereas happiness depends on your circumstances.  Another possibility is that joy is a more intense version of happiness, which may be the case whether or not you agree with the first two thoughts.  I’m sure there are plenty of other ways to think about their similarities and differences, too.  If you have any you’d like to share, please feel free to comment.

No matter what you think about happiness and joy, I think we can all agree though that one can never have too much of either one.  I sincerely hope everyone has both joy and happiness in their hearts this holiday season.

Joy is not in things, it is in us.

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One thought on “Happiness vs. Joy   

  1. Joy and happiness to me are quite similar. Joy can be more ecstatic or calm, whereas happiness is never loud and obnoxious the way joy can be (I’m the loud and obnoxious type when I’m in a great mood! 🙂 ).
    But, at the same time, I feel joy is something you find and happiness is something you make. Smiling more can make you happy, but it does not give me joy. I find joy in things and in people (and you can do the same with happiness), but joy is not something you give to yourself, like you can with happiness.


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