Hormones pretty much drive every aspect of our lives and every phase of our lives. There are growth hormones, male and female hormones, ones that tell us whether we’re full or tired, ones that control our moods, and so on.  So many different disorders are due to chemical imbalances of various hormones in the brain.

Then there are the teenage hormones.  There has to one that kicks in at around age 12, which causes temporary blindness and prevents teenagers from seeing the cereal box and milk container that they left out on the table and the location of the hamper, even though it is less than a foot away from where they decided was a better place for their dirty laundry.  And there has to be one that affects short-term memory for teenagers as well.  Why else would they all of a sudden not be able to remember what someone just said to them two minutes earlier and also need so many reminders to get anything done?  Perhaps there is also one that completely messes with their ability to pick out clothing that is either appropriate to be seen in or appropriate for the weather.  I have a feeling there might also be one that makes them go from putting off taking a shower for as long as they can to all of a sudden wanting to take one all the time.

Some of these hormones are beyond our control (especially those teenage ones!), but others are not.  We can do lots of things to help our bodies release endorphins or good hormones that have health benefits and make us feel better.  We can exercise, get enough sleep, smile and laugh more, be affectionate with others, and so many other things.  But it’s so easy to ignore the importance of doing so because we have other things to do with our time.  I know I should get more sleep, but I can’t always shut my brain off at night and figure I may as well get something done, rather than try to do something that will help induce sleep.

We skip out on things we know are good for us because we have the stresses of life to deal with that are always there. Ironically, life would probably be less stressful if we did make the time to do things that would release all the good hormones.  If only there were more time in a day.  Better go catch some Zzzzzz’s.

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4 thoughts on “Hormones

  1. Yep teenage hormones, everyone experiences them in different ways, I am at the moment suffering from temporary blindness also when looking for the milk carton I left on the side or the wash basket. Anyway thanks for the brilliant read and please check out my blog.xx


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