To me, this quote that I read recently means doing something because it is the right thing to do and not because I will get something in return. Unfortunately, I think there are too many people nowadays who don’t think along these lines.  You can’t buy integrity.  It has to come from within.

In my opinion, being pretty or handsome, having a lot of possessions, being successful at your job, having a ton of friends, and other things of this nature do not make you a great person.  Those things might get you attention and praise, but having good character is what makes you a good person.

Being able to put others’ needs and happiness above your own, helping others whenever you can without expecting something in return, being humble, being a good listener, showing compassion and empathy, being accountable for your actions, and being respectful and tolerant are all traits that define good character in my book.  I am reminded of another quote … “Beauty catches the attention, but character catches the heart.”

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2 thoughts on “Integrity

  1. I agree with you 100% about compassion and integrity. That is actually 2 of my top values I have in life and it has brought me love I could have never felt, compassion really brings you together and bonds you with others like never before. Check out my blog from practicing compassion It has literally “paid”. I got a 50$ tip from practicing compassion in the hotel I work at. It’s amazing how nice people really are once you show it first and look for it. (:


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